Nations: United States of Darolla

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave


Capital: Tarsonis

Important Cities/ Sites: Augstuar, Cilespia

Government(s): Constitutional Republic


Religion(s): A’Murcan, Human, Valourian, Ferinese, Nerusian, Bierkan, Taleran, Imperial

Geography: Plains and hills with rich forests and majestic views

Motto: Out of Many, One

Emblem: Bald Eagle

Colours: Red, White, and Blue

Staple Food: Mysterious meats, deep fried potatoes, sugary concoctions, white bread, obsession with other peoples’ food

Allies: Bierk, Ferina, Great Azalure, Ytern

Friends: Bierk, Alahad Sultinate, Midden

Rivals: Ferina, Valkerian Empire

Enemies: Talera, Teikoku

People From Here:


The nation directly to the North of Ferina, Darolla, or the U.S.D, is a conglomeration of various states that have banded together in the name of the protection of their freedoms. The people of Darolla are known for their patriotism and their zeal toward their most popular deity, A’Murca, Bringer of Freedom. Though oppressed by many different powers, partticularily Valkere, through the millenia, the Darollan identity has remained strong throughout, and in the past few hundred years the states have banded together to create the superpower that is the U.S.D.

Nations: United States of Darolla

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